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Internet Beware

My Digital Marketing Certificate from Rutgers CMD arrived in the mail. I’m pretty excited about receiving my official certificate, it means I’m a genuine certified internet professional.

What did I learn?

The nine-module certificate program spanning 10 weeks taught by a team of top industry experts covered digital marketing topics like Website Design and SEO, Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, B2B Marketing Innovation, Security and Privatization Issues with Digital Marketing, Video Marketing, Web Analytics, Conversion and ROI, Online PR Strategies and Integrating Digital Marketing.

A good way to keep up with the times

While I was no spring chicken to internet marketing before, this course definitely helped me brush up on some marketing strategies and learn a few new tricks. I’m excited about the future of digital marketing and how it could lead to a more meaningful customer engagement.

What now?

I am looking for ways to flex my digital marketing muscles…if you’re looking for a social media marketing manager, digital media expert, social media strategist or similar positions in Philadelphia please feel free to reach out!

Download the presentation

If you’re interested in viewing my capstone project you can download it here:

Coca-Cola Digital Marketing Presentation

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