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Bootstrap 3 for WordPress?

I recently redesigned my website to utilize the newly released Twitter Bootstrap 3. I’ve always been a fan of responsive design and the release of Bootstrap 3 inspired me to redesign Previously, I had designed my website using Bootstrap 2, however it was a static site using HTML and I really wanted to incorporate WordPress in my new web design.

The problem:

I wanted to use Bootstrap 3 and WordPress together, however, being that Bootstrap 3 is newly released there aren’t any templates that use Bootstrap 3 for WordPress. Luckily, I found the theme by 320press that utilized Bootstrap 2 and figured I could migrate the code to Bootstrap 3.

The solution:

I created a child theme for 320press: Bootstrap 3 for WordPress. If you’re interested in downloading a copy of the child theme Bootstrap 3 for WordPress, see below to download a copy.

Download Bootstrap 3 for WordPress theme v1

Download Bootstrap 3 for WordPress theme v2

Keep in mind, I will be updating the theme regularly.

You will also need to download the Parent theme from

Other WordPress themes using Bootstrap 3

Maximus from Themeforest

As of today there aren’t many themes using the Bootstrap 3 framework for WordPress. The only themes I can find for purchase on Themeforest are: News Grid, Room Cartoons and Dance RoeDok Responsive theme from WooCommerce which use the Bootstrap 3 framework.

I’ve created another post with more themes here:

11 Responses to “Bootstrap 3 WordPress Theme”

    • John Transue

      Hey Bob,

      Thanks! I’ve been working on integrating more of the bootstrap 3 elements and I will have an updated version to download next week. I’m excited about the update to Bootstrap 3, but you’re right, I was getting anxious waiting for 320press to update their theme – so I got to work!

  1. lisandro

    Jhon, nice work! i was looking for something like this…
    First of all, sorry for my english…
    I’ve found this
    and this
    but they don’t have the .less files. I guess they are working with pure css…
    I have a question or a request for you… do you have a repositorie in github of this theme?
    I want so badly to have it as a submodule in my custom wp package…


  2. Francesco

    Hi! This is awesome but…
    Theme options panel doesn’t work :(
    If i try to set a Branding Logo or a background color in Top Nav tab, nothing change!
    Any suggest? Tks

  3. Dagobert

    Thank you so much for this child theme, been waiting for ever for 320press to realease their new version with bootstrap 3 and needed to get productive fast. Your work helps me tremendously, thanks again!

  4. kelly

    Interesting! I was looking for parallax themes and saaw a lot of “bootstrap” in google results. And that led me to your website. Learned something new today! :) Will visit again!

  5. Dananimous

    Man… I bought and installed Maximus… It’s NOT bootstrap 3.. it’s bootstrap 2.12.2 :/

    • John Transue

      Weird, it says Bootstrap 3 compatible on Themeforest: in in WordPress \ Corporate \ Business
      Columns: 4+, Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Software Version: WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, Compatible With: WPML, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 2.3.x, Bootstrap 2.2.2, Bootstrap 2.2.1, Bootstrap etc…

      Have you contacted Themeforest or the author of this theme?

      I don’t have the theme installed



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