Best Bootstrap 3 WordPress Themes

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List of Best Wordpress Bootstrap 3 Themes

A list of Bootstrap 3 WordPress Themes I’ll admit it, I’m a bit obsessed with the new Bootstrap 3 framework – especially incorporating Bootstrap 3 with WordPress. So, I’ve compiled a list: the best, and at this point, the only Bootstrap 3 themes available for WordPress. My favorite Bootstrap WordPress 3 Theme so far: Magfolio… Read more »

Best Advertising Agencies in Philadelphia

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Top Ten Advertising Agencies in Philadelphia

What are the best Advertising Agencies in Philadelphia? As someone who is interested in everything from graphic design to marketing, branding and advertising, I am always excited to hear what is happening at the agencies in Philadelphia. There is some great creative work coming out of Philadelphia and it was pretty difficult narrowing my top… Read more »

How to use responsive design with adsense and bootstrap 3

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Responsive AdSense

Using Google AdSense Responsive Design and responsive Ads with CSS @media queries I’ll be honest, I’m not one to use Google AdSense on a personal website/blog, but since I’ve been using Bootstrap 3 for WordPress I wanted to try out Google’s responsive AdSense unit. Using Bootstrap 3 with Google AdSense Bootstrap includes a responsive, mobile… Read more »

Digital Marketing Professional

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Digital Marketing Certificate

Internet Beware My Digital Marketing Certificate from Rutgers CMD arrived in the mail. I’m pretty excited about receiving my official certificate, it means I’m a genuine certified internet professional. What did I learn? The nine-module certificate program spanning 10 weeks taught by a team of top industry experts covered digital marketing topics like Website Design… Read more »