Hello, I'm John Transue, a Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategist and Graphic Designer currently working at Coca-Cola in Philadelphia.

As a marketing and design coordinator at Coca-Cola, I help create, produce, manage, oversee and ensure the organization's quality of creative product supports the high standards of Coca-Cola and aligns with our style guide for some of the world's most valuable brands: Coca-Cola, Dasani, Sprite, Powerade, Honest Tea, Glacéau Vitaminwater and many more.

Graphic Design

As graphic designer at Coca-Cola, I create advertising for print and web, design billboards, utilize brand assets to reinvigorate existing designs and ensure high quality creative product.

I've worked on many campaigns and with many brands like Walmart, ShopRite, Six Flags, Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies, Union and other venues local to the east coast.

Social Media

Social Media has always been an important part of my interest in connecting and networking via the internet. Marketing practices have dramatically shifted with the rise of social media and proliferation of devices, platforms, and applications.

The ability to listen, respond in a shifting environment presents new opportunities and challenges for marketers - challenges I think are important and fun.


I develop and Implement marketing materials for Coca-Cola brands, work with agencies and vendors to fulfill requests for strategic brand activation, provide project deliverables such as print ads, billboards, point of sale, Powerpoint presentations and web banners.

Additionally, I help the Coca-Cola organization to learn and navigate a proprietary global web-based digital asset management system.